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About Tracee Perryman, Ph.D.

Tracee is CEO and co-founder of Center of Hope Family Services, where she has developed evidence-based programming for positive youth development that empowers families and communities. The organization’s successes have established Dr. Perryman as a recognized expert in achieving positive life outcomes for individuals often labeled as at-risk by employing data-driven, evidence-based interventions that are culturally relevant. A sought-after speaker, presenter, and performer, she brings expertise on innovative approaches in afterschool education and family empowerment.

Dr. Perryman is author of Elevating Futures: A Model for Empowering Black Elementary Student Success and ELEVATE! An Afterschool Enrichment Curriculum for Fostering Children’s Academic, Social and Emotional Resilience. Her latest book, Elevating Women Leaders: Stories of Strength, Survival and Success, will be released this fall.

Dr. Perryman is the creator of ELEVATE!, a recognized multicultural K-3 afterschool program that increases confidence, improves social and emotional skills, and elevates academic performance for underserved and often marginalized children in urban and suburban communities. The ELEVATE! Learning Management Software, set for release fall of 2023, will empower school systems across the country to implement this award-winning education model in their communities.

Tracee Perryman lives and works in Toledo, Ohio.

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