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Accomplished Songwriter & Performer

Dr. Perryman is a songwriter, musician, producer and singer who has written and recorded more than 20 songs and has garnered 500,000+ streams on digital outlets. Tracee “Doctor P” Perryman is available for live performances and music production projects.

She has performed in arenas, universities, medical health systems and for local government functions. With an inspirational, soul and R&B flavor influenced by 30 years experience playing keyboard, Dr. Perryman provides songwriting services for emerging and current musical artists and performs live for private and special events.

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Popular Producer & Jingle Writer

In 2020, Dr. Perryman expanded her work to produce musical compositions and jingles for non-profit and governmental campaigns. In addition, she helps plan and produce live and virtual musical events.

Dr. Perryman contributed to a COVID Awareness and prevention project that reached more than 2.5 million people. Dr. Perryman has also  implemented several mental health awareness projects supported by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. 

As a part of an awareness project to help individuals cope with mental health issues resulting from COVID, Dr. Perryman wrote and co-produced the song “Don’t Give Up” and co-produced the accompanying video. The campaign has reached more 66 million people since March 2021.

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