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ELEVATING FUTURES: A Model for Empowering Black Elementary Student Success Summary

In this book, Dr. Perryman guides educators, school administrators and social service directors through her ELEVATE! program’s detailed lesson plans, which provide a road map to engage children’s creativity, to teach children how to lift themselves and each other up and to build community and harmony while providing continual motivation through music and affirmations.


Elevating Futures: A Model for Empowering
Black Elementary Student Success Summary

In Elevating Futures, Tracee Perryman, PhD, provides the blueprint for a K-3 curriculum that closes the achievement gaps; ensuring equity of opportunities for students of color in urban communities through the implementation of an established framework with ready-to-follow strategies.


This book provides both the strategy and implementation tools needed to help Black children cope with racism, discrimination, and structural oppression through the development of a positive sense of self and racial group identity, high expectations for achievement, self-efficacy to excel, and motivation to elevate and be elevated by their community. Dr. Perryman’s book not only details the framework that is needed for a successful curriculum but also provides easy-to-follow example lessons. Elevating Futures is an entire hands-on playbook for success!

About the Author

Tracee Perryman Consulting

Dr. Tracee Perryman accredits her passion for teaching and her success in improving life outcomes for children, adults, and families in urban settings to the inspiration she received as a child of determined grandparents and parents who were dedicated to helping children of color receive the same opportunities afforded to those with privileged heritage.

Taking up the mantle of her family, Perryman now makes it her mission to assure the resources given to her and many others are accessible to children in urban and underserved settings. She began her personal journey by first teaching in church. She noticed that as her students got older, their levels of disengagement increased. This made her realize that it’s not the child’s inability to learn, but instead the lack of opportunities presented to them, specifically in urban schools that impact life outcomes.

After acquiring numerous educational degrees, fellowships, awards and honors of distinction for her work in the education, social work and mental health fields, Perryman has become a nationally recognized and sought-after professor, consultant and lecturer. As co-founder and CEO of the Center of Hope Family Services, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to creating evidence-based positive youth development and family support programs, Dr. Perryman, known as “Doctor P” to the students she encourages, continues to positively influence the lives of thousands of children and their families.