Tracee Perryman Consulting

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Dr. Tracee Perryman partners with leaders in government, education and the nonprofit sector to get results that elevate life outcomes and positive change in individuals, families and communities often labeled at risk.


Dr. Perryman is a recognized expert in getting results for individuals and communities labeled "at-risk." She employs contemporary, data-driven and evidence-based interventions that are culturally relevant to empower communities and inspire positive life change for all.

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Dr. Perryman is an energetic, dynamic and engaging motivational speaker who inspires individuals, families and communities to elevate their aspirations, ways of being and ways of doing business. From workshops and training events to musical performances, turn to "Doctor P."

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Dr. Perryman has developed a range of after-school educational curricula that engage students labeled at-risk, increasing student attendance and participation as well as academic performance. An author and musician, her books, albums and song selections empower families and children.

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